Spring Playlist Staffer Spotlight: Jake Wheat

GET BACK INTO SHAPE!  It's all about the BPM's and then some mellow grooves for cooling down.  While most people may go into the mainstream, my playlist for Spring 2016 travels all across the board - mainly in the form of remixes and songs of inspiration and staying focused.

I enjoy me some good tunes, and PINK travels to the top of my list when I need the anti-anthem, in order to rebel against my inner voice that says "you're not good enough," or "you can't do this."  Trust me, PINK has helped me win a large number of battles both in the gym and in life.

Who doesn't love Duran Duran?  I mean, "Hungry Like The Wolf" is a classic... this is the remixed version, which I love.  Well, the extended mix anyway.

I first saw Bastille on Ellen, and fell in love with them.  I love all of their music, but this remix helps me keep the pace when I am doing cardio, plus who doesn't love a good chant?

Violet Days, "Screaming Colors" is a song that transports me - and I don't know if it's the melody or the beats, but I really get into the flow of the song.  When you are doing something like running or lifting, it helps keep me going.  Atmosphere... audio paints the canvas!

"Broken Ones" is a track about loving the lost, and well - we've all experienced that.  It's also motivating, because it says you can stand alone and conquer.  Welcome to 2016, the year of making progress against adversity!

"Good Life," by One Republic is just that - a good life.  Why not?  We take too much for granted!

In this day and age of acting too fast, and being impulsive "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off," is a cool down song covered by Ella Eyre that I adore!  Don't come at me fast, take it slow, life is a party - enjoy the moment.  When we move too fast, we make mistakes.  Slow down. It's ok.

James Arthur I LOVE!  "Impossible" is my jam!  I've been caught with the windows down driving singing my heart out while people are staring at me.  They can stare, I don't care... I know I'm adorable. ;)

"Shark In The Water," by VV Brown has always been a favorite song of mine.  It's catchy, and let's face it - the world has a ton of sharks, but you can always be on the lookout!  Some sharks are fun to look at, but they bite.  I guess that is what she is saying, I don't know.  Who cares!  Listen to this song and try not to break out singing like you are in a choir!

These are my Spring jams... what are yours?  Comment below and let me know, this is how I discover new music and tune in to remixed classics!

Sincerely, Jake Wheat