Salt Life President Jeff Stillwell and brand team members Luiza Barros, Sarah Jarrett, Cameron Kirkconnell and Jimmy Nelson will participate in dive to attach artwork to Vandenberg artificial reef


Salt Life, one of today’s leading lifestyle brands, is partnering with world-renowned artist Andreas Franke and The Sinking World to bring an underwater art exhibition to the Florida Keys. The “Stavrokinita Visits Vandenberg: Tarpon Season" project, originally on exhibition in Barbados, will be moved to the Vandenberg artificial reef off Key West, Florida where it will be on display for four months. The artwork will be attached to the USNS Vandenberg by a group of divers, including Salt Life President Jeff Stillwell and team members Luiza Barros, Sarah Jarrett, Cameron Kirkconnell and Jimmy Nelson.


a1927afbf1ce9ca39c5d9bfc_640x428 Art by Andreas Franke

  “The work of Andreas Franke is stunning and unlike any other art display in the world,” Salt Life President Jeff Stillwell said. “I am excited to take part in this dive, along with members of the Salt Life team, and to bring this exhibit to the U.S. for the first time.”

  The exhibit will celebrate the beginning of tarpon fishing season, which is vital to the local economy. Divers will be able to enjoy the exhibit until late July, when the images will be dried, sealed and put on display at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary’s Eco-Discovery Center.

  Learn more about Andreas Franke and The Sinking World here. Learn more about the elite group of divers, surfers and athletes who make up Team Salt Life here.

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  Salt Life, LLC is operated as an operating subsidiary of Delta Apparel, Inc., where it has been managed since 2011. The flagship Salt Life retail store, which opened in Jacksonville Beach, Florida in 2012, serves as a vision for retail customers to see product placements they can utilize in their stores and across multiple platforms. Salt Life's corporate office is located in Columbus, GA and their distribution center was recently relocated to Fayetteville, NC. Numerous professional athletes and sportsmen have an alliance with the brand in cross-marketing partnerships. (

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