Barrett Baber's A Room Full Of Fighters Partners with Coca Cola and Walmart

Arkansas native and Top 3 The Voice alumnus from Season Nine, Barrett Baber, has released an alternate version of his album A Room Full of Fighters which includes a bonus track called “Your Name.” The album, produced by Nashville’s multi-genre hit maker Kenny Lamb and co-produced by Baber, launched this week in select Walmart stores nationwide in partnership with Coca-Cola’s summer program.

Barrett Baber is establishing himself as one of the most ambitious and interesting artists to come onto the country scene in recent years.  Baber is not the kind of guy to wait for opportunities to come to him.  His take-charge, self-motivating personality is reflected in his accomplishments, including having co-written nine of the 14 tracks on the album. 

When Coca-Cola decided to bring back names on their 20oz bottles, Barrett Baber was a natural fit for the Walmart team to co-create something unique and special for customers to connect with nationwide. The team is optimistic they found a winner to communicate the best way to celebrate summer - with an ice-cold Coca Cola and "Your Name" playing as the soundtrack.

Amanda Whittaker, Director of Shopper Marketing on the Coca-Cola team for Walmart US said, “We chose to partner with Barrett because he resonates with our shoppers, delivers results and has proven himself as a positive brand ambassador.  In 2016, Barrett was one of our top musical influencers for Walmart so we are excited to continue building this relationship.”  Together with the entertainment department, the beverage merchandising will include the exclusive Barrett Baber album A Room Full of Fighters with bonus track “Your Name” commissioned as a summer anthem for 2017.  Coca-Cola plans to support Barrett on his Room Full Of Fighters Tour. “I’m proud that I get this opportunity to re-launch A Room Full of Fighters and celebrate summer with “Your Name” for Coca Cola and Walmart,” says Baber.  “We are hitting the road soon and I hope to make a lot of new friends at every stop.”  To see Baber’s tour schedule, visit:

The 13-track collection track listing for A Room Full Of Fighters:

1.              What The Hell

2.              Train Tracks

3.              Reckless Love

4.              Local Honey

5.              Drive

6.              Never Just A Call

7.              Kiss me Hello

8.              How Many

9.              Music

10.           Keep It Real

11.           Pretty Things

12.           Lived In

13.           Still Stands

14.           Your Name – Bonus Track Walmart / Coca-Cola Exclusive


Along with Baber's catchy song "Your Name" that Coca-Cola has chosen as their summer anthem, Baber's album, A Room Full Of Fighters, contains the track "Still Stands." Rolling Stone magazine calls it "a powerful song" and is a moving, soulful track Baber wrote as a tribute to a fallen soldier that is featured in the documentary film Danger Close