Positive Apparel Line Bee Attitudes Helps Jumpstart Your New Year

Franklin, Tennessee based athleisure brand Bee Attitudes encourages you to Choose Your Attitude + Change The World! Your Bee Attitudes clothing can be your answer when the world says one person cannot make a difference.  Can your attitude change the world?  Well, if it changes yours, we think that’s a pretty good start!  As we say at Bee Attitudes, choose your attitude and wear it proudly.

Gift sets will be discounted for Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping with 50% off of clearance and sale items during the weekend.  Please consider these stocking stuffers and gift giving ideas during your holiday blogging!  Gift packs include the following (with five more available)!:

  • The Gift of Kindness (Kind themed attitudes)

  • All Is Calm (Peaceful themed attitudes)

  • We Three Tees (a pack with 3 long-sleeved tees)

  • Baby It's Cold Outside (a pack featuring the new cozy loungewear line)

Bee Attitudes is a women-owned apparel and accessories line inspired by the spirit of optimism and a healthy way to approach life’s changes with open arms. With rising popularity and a continual growing customer base, Bee Attitudes is closing in on 300 retail stores in 30 states.   Bee Attitudes Founder / Owner Elizabeth Stuhlreyer explains, "When Bee Attitudes was formed we were on a mission to spread a positive attitude in a world we believed was being over-run with negative, violent, and mysoginistic images. We wanted to inspire women to be kind to one another, empower each other and help others to become the best version of themselves."  Their logo and tag line "Choose your attitude + change the world" -- is on every piece.