Sisters Payton Taylor And Taryn Coccia Go From Singing In Nashville International Airport To Major Network Reality Tv Show

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 3, 2018)  - On the March 19 episode of the newly revamped reality TV singing competition, an unusual twist of fate occurred during 17 year old Taryn Coccia’s audition.Payton Taylor (21) who was there only to accompany her younger sister on acoustic guitar, was suddenly asked to audition as well. After hearing Payton’s rendition of “Angel From Montgomery,” the judges’ suspicions were confirmed and both sisters were offered their own golden ticket.

Born in Philadelphia, raised in New Jersey and currently living in Nashville, the talented siblings seem to have pulled a familiar page from their family’s history. Coincidentally, their father and his brother were both drafted to Major League Baseball on the same day, comparable to the way the two sisters were offered their chance to become contestants. 

Taryn and Payton are humbled and appreciative to have both been chosen by the judges to go to Hollywood, but unfortunately there was an underlying concern. Last night, Payton posted on social media:  "You won't be seeing my sister, Taryn Coccia, or I on American Idol.  Both of us received tickets! However, after a lot of thought and prayer, we both declined the invitation to go to #HollywoodWeek. Why? We are sisters on a mission. We are both about to launch our singles respectively and are ready to put the hard work into carving our own paths individually... ALWAYS having each others backs. It's never a competition with us. We are ready to take the leap of faith into our own (extremely different) artistic paths... and we hope you will join us. #americanidol"

Taryn took to Instagram to further explain, "I'm so sorry to disappoint... Although we received our golden tickets to Hollywood, we decided we want to drive our own careers and we want you to see us for who we really are..."  Taryn continues, "I'm so thankful for the exposure our audition gave us."

New music will be available in the near future from both Payton and Taryn.  

It's not surprising that several media outlets have taken the occasion to try and create a little more drama in order to spice things up.  However, these girls recognize this is just one of many opportunities to advance their careers and would never allow a TV show to get between them. Some of the early media reviews include:

To view the Payton and Taryn media clips, click here.  

No matter how the media tries to portray them, sisters Payton Taylor and Taryn Coccia have nothing but love and support for the other.