Tune In: Barrett Baber's "Still Standing" featured in war film hits theaters 4/28

Arkansas native and rising country music star, Barrett Baber, has written an inspiring song titled “Still Stands,” to be featured in an upcoming war documentary film called Danger Close.  Barrett first arrived on the country scene by achieving Top 3 status on Season Nine of The Voice

The film, from the Heroes of Valor Collection, is an inspiring story about U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Robert Ryan Pirelli who was killed in action during Operation Iraqi Freedom in August 2007.  Pirelli used his engineering skills to build an outpost in the dangerous Diyala province that protected American soldiers during the war. The outpost continued to serve its purpose long after Pirelli’s death and was later named Combat Outpost Pirelli in his honor.  The story is told by multi-award winning female war reporter, Alex Quade, and her willingness to go into harm's way to capture true and accurate combat reporting that honors our war heroes. 


DangerClose trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ1e7Rd5XB0

Release dates:

4/28/17: Theatrical Release 
New York:      Cinema Village
Los Angeles:  Laemmle Music Hall
Tampa:           Studio Movie Grill Tampa
Houston:         Studio Movie Grill Pearland
Dallas:            Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley
Indianapolis:   Studio Movie Grill College Park
Chicago:         Studio Movie Grill Chatham
5/2/17: Early EST Release with the following partners
iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Comcast EST, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Fandango Now
5/16/17: VOD, DVD and BD
All physical accounts including Wal-Mart and Target
All cable/satellite partners: Time Warner, Comcast, DIRECTV, Dish, Cox, etc. 

The soulful country singer was so moved by Pirelli’s bravery and reputation that he felt it was important to tell his story the best way he knew how – in song.  “Still Stands” is Barrett’s skillfully crafted tribute, inspired by Pilrelli’s legacy and sacrifice for our country and can be found on his latest recording project A Room Full of Fighters.  Rolling Stone Country called it "An emotional tribute to a fallen soldier" in last week's edition: